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Take Me Home

$5,022raised of $5,000 goal

Organizer: Anas Cheema Beneficiary: SOS Children's Village

Cycling across Canada to help SOS Children's Villages give orphans around the world a home and a family

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 No race, no religion, just humanity.

My name is Anas Cheema and I am cycling across Canada to help SOS Children's Villages provide loving homes for orphaned and abandoned children around the world. 

Currently I am in my forth year studying Economics at the University of Victoria (UVic) in British Columbia. I am also the President of the UVic International Student Association. 

My summer adventure is a—long – bike ride across Canada fueled by my passion for traveling and also to support SOS Children’s Villages, the world’s largest charity helping orphaned and abandoned children. 145 million kids around the world have no mother or family to support them. SOS provides thousands of children with a caring, loving, and supportive environment, where they get nourishing food, health care and education. While I was back home in Pakistan, I volunteered with SOS and I saw first hand how the children’s lives were lifted from devastation into a secure and hopeful home. 
As I travel across this beautiful country, I plan to connect with people in communities along the way and do my best to fundraise for SOS. I will be posting pictures and regular updates on my facebook page.

I hope you will  join me in helping our world’s children.

10% goes towards covering the costs of my trip. My trip would be impossible without the help of donations. I thank you kindly for your support in my journey.
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by Anas Cheema
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by Anas CheemaShare This Update!

by Anas Cheema
Global News: Back on the Road

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by Anas Cheema
Day 9: Golden to Lake Louise. Distance covered: 86.5 kms. Well I did it. Finished BC! what a province. Such beauty. So many hills. My legs won't soon forget BC.

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by Anas Cheema
Day 7! Crazy thunderstorm in Revelstoke. Just taking a day off biking and resting in Revelstoke. Highway 1 got blocked due to mud sliding near Golden. But I am gonna head there tomorrow hoping that it will be cleared out. Fingers crossed.
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