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Switch Kick America

$340raised of $6,000 goal

Organizer: Drew Lewis Beneficiary: Drew Lewis

This page here is just in case you want to lend a helping hand towards a meal, or some new shoes when mine are worn out! Every donation gets a post card from the road!

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I love food, longboarding and adventure. This journey is an attempt to break Rob Thomsons World Record of Longest Journey by Skateboard (7,555miles) 

I plan to depart from Wilmington headed North along the East Coast Greenway following the coast. I will take the ECG all the way to Boston before planning route West.

The rest of my journey can be read about at, even if you don't donate send me a tweet and say hey!

 Every donation gets handwritten post-card!After you donate, just click contact donor button and send me your address!
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