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Sprinting Towards a Dream

$2,005raised of $10,000 goal

Organizer: Jamey Parks Beneficiary: Jamey Parks

Committed, passionate, dedicated, driven, thankful, determined, patriotic, happily married father of 3 who is an enthusiastically proud member of the U.S. National Paracanoe Team.

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Hello Everyone!


My name is Jamey Parks and I am contacting you in hopes of obtaining your financial support not only for the upcoming World Sprint Championships in Moscow, Russia in August, but also for future opportunities in the sport of paracanoe. These opportunities relate to training and ongoing competition at the local, national, and international levels, including the potential to compete at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I have been training hard this year and recently earned a spot on the US National Paracanoe Team, qualifying at the 2014 Lake Placid International Regatta. I am determined to continue with my training and honorably represent the USA!  


Goals are things that I have had to achieve since my accident in February 1999. After being struck by an automobile while walking on the freeway, I faced an uncertain fate and future. Luckily, by the grace of God, I survived a high left leg amputation, cardiac arrest, kidney dialysis, and near paralysis. Since then, I have learned to walk on my prosthetic leg, earned a Bachelor’s and M.B.A. degree, got married, had children, and started my own business. I have endured 35 surgeries, always knowing that there is still much for me to give and accomplish in this world.


I started paddling in 2005 and was on a 6-person team that won a gold medal at the 2006 World Sprint Championship in New Zealand.  I competed again on a team at the World Sprints in 2008 and won two silver medals. After the Sprint Championships in 2008, I settled into my career and took a break from paddling. My wife and I now have three children and see this extraordinary development in our lives as a dream worth pursuing. 


 Now I am competing individually in the sport of paracanoe. I am grateful for this amazing opportunity, and am committed to achieving the goals related to being a world-class athlete. I appreciate your willingness and dedication to support my dreams financially, and I promise to give you my best efforts while representing TEAM USA! Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Jamey Parks

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by Jamey Parks
Got the new paddle this past weekend and used it today and on Monday. Got a race schedule update. Race in Raleigh is cancelled. Headed to NY to race the Rochester River Challenge on Sept. 13th. Staying at Bob Balks house on the 10th till race day. Being with a 6 time Paralympian for a few days is going to be an education!
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by Jamey Parks
I am only as good as the support I receive. Please see if you can help me buy these necessary items that I need to successfully represent the USA through next year at Lake Placid:
Training at coaches house in NY with lodging for 2 seperate weeks: $1000
Concept II Rower - $1000
Paddling ergometer - $450
New paddle - $350
Race in Raleigh in September with fees and lodging - $250
Previous accumulated debt as of today - $3100
Miscellaneous going into Lake Placid next year - $500
Total: $6650
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by Jamey Parks
Been a busy first few days back! Happy to be on American soil safe and sound. Feel blessed to be American. Monday was me and my wife's anniversary but it was derailed by a plumbing issue. Got that straightened out on Tuesday. Hit the lake yesterday and just got off of it just now. These next few months will be crucial in my development. Came back with lots of Intel that I am going to use to draw up a plan with my coaches. Looking to get an ergometer on a Concept II rower for the winter and possibly a larger paddle. I will be sharing my plans soon. 
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by Jamey Parks
Friends! Leaving in exactly four days! I am only as good as the support I get! Please post to your walls. Any bit of money raised equals a lot. Thanks so much!
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by Jamey Parks
Yesterday my times were a bit disappointing... Did a lot of yard work this week which may have tired me out a bit more than usual.  I did 4 200m sprints.  The last one was my best time after we adjusted the alma (the outrigger that helps counterbalance my weight) up.  A little more tippy but faster.  These small tweaks can help shave off a second or two which is what it did for me yesterday.  I am going to practice all week with this adjustment and look to fine tune this new stroke as well.  
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by Jamey Parks
Today is supposedly a rest day but may get on the water to work on some form and technique. From looking at video from the Lake Placid International I was using mainly arms and shoulders instead if the bigger muscle group - my back. So this week been trying to work on this new stroke. It is different and I am a bit screwed up since my pelvis is fused to my spine. My coaches say it is going to take some time but think I can get it in the next two weeks! I will keep you posted on how my times are on this Saturday.
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by Jamey Parks
HUGE thank you's to Shawna, Dave, Traci, Mike, and Kristi! Much love to you all. It is hard to ask for help and I am humbled by your responses. I am using it as my motivation to train harder, eat better, and get faster. Thank you all so much! I appreciate each and every one of you and your families. Feelin' blessed!
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