Snow Removal for our Veteran's & Troops

$470raised of $6,400 goal

Beneficiary: Disabled Veteran's Organizer: Scott

This fundraiser is closed
I am a disabled veteran. I know this is a great way for me to continue to serve by helping other disabled veteran's and their families. The reason I'm doing this is as follows

Some of our Veterans are older and may not be able to do things themselves. Some Veterans came back with missing limbs. So I am rasing money to assist disabled veterans and families of deployed soldiers who need help with snow removal. There is NO charge for them. 

I know I'm asking for people to donate and some are skeptical of where the money is going to go. Any money raised is going right into the snow removal for these Veteran's and families. 

Let's show our support for these hero's and their families.

Please help as we can make this a success together

Thank you so much for any help you may give whether big or small every bit helps someone else in need.
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