Service Dog for Matthew

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Beneficiary: Margaret Prusik Organizer: Matthew Prusik

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Our Goal
Our family is raising money to help with the expense of providing a Service Dog for our brother Matt.

There is a nonprofit organization Eyes Ears Nose and Paws (EENP) that is providing our brother an opportunity to have his own Service Dog. EENP provides highly trained assistance dogs to people with disabilities and professional caregivers providing pet assisted therapy. Not only will Matt receive a Companion but he will also have a Service Dog to assist him with his mobility impairments and with daily activities such as opening doors, retrieving items, and turning lights on/off.  This Service Dog will give Matt a sense of security and independence.

If we can raise enough money for Matt to be able to get a Service Dog, Matt plans on not only using this Service Dog for his own personal needs but to help and encourage other children that have similar disabilities. Matt wants to help spread the word about the amazing services this non-profit organization is doing for their community and for people with disabilities.    

Matt’s Disability
At 2 years old, Matt was diagnosed with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy. Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) is a genetic disorder characterized by progressive muscle degeneration and weakness. Muscular Dystrophy usually is recognized in boys from 4-6 years of age.

When Matt was young he was able to participate in everyday activities like swimming, running and riding a bike.  Matt's disability hindered his mobility skills but could not stop Matt from his determination to play sports.  As Matt neared his teenage years (11 years old) the effects of this disease became more demanding. Matt understood the effects it would have on his body, but always kept an optimistic attitude.  Normal activities like hanging out with friends, attending sports games, or even dating were always a challenge, which he was unable to do without assistance.  

When Matt reached Middle School he became wheel chair bound and the progressive weakening of the muscles became more evident. Matt had to start wearing braces on his feet and calves to help with the stiffening. He still maintained a positive attitude and even though he couldn’t participate in physical activities he still volunteered to participate as a score keeper for the after school sport programs. Matt maintained his grades and was on the honor role every quarter for three years. 

At this point in Matt’s life, he is confined to a wheelchair with only minimal movement in his fingers and head. Every day activities such as brushing his teeth, hair, showering or even using the restroom are all done with 100% assistance. 

The simple things we take for granted are a challenge for Matt. But he never lets his disability affect his positive attitude on life or his faith. 

On behalf of the Prusik Family we would like to Thank You for your support in helping us reach our goal for Matt's Service Dog.

Any donantions in excess of the $6000.00 cost of the Service Dog are greatly appreciated and will go toward the ongoing maintenance and care of Matt's new companion.

Thank You and God Bless!

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