Sellars' Family Rebuild

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On Tuesday, May 28, 2013 at 5:45pm, emergency response crews were dispatched to respond to a residential fire that broke out on Villa Road in Springfield, Ohio.

Thankfully, the Sellars family were not at home at the time of the blaze. The family of 5 found out about the fire while at their teen daughter's softball game. They came upon a scene of complete destruction.

Fire crews worked through the night putting out the flames, and neighbors searched the surrounding area for the family dog. Additional crews had to be called in from German Township to aid the Moorefield Township Fire Department since fire, heat and smoke were so widespread that internal access was impossible. The following Wednesday afternoon the fire department had to return two more times to put out additional incipient fires. 750,000 gallons of water were used to put out the fully-involved fire. After the last of the flames were extinguished, the Sellars found out that their beloved Lab, Sugar, had perished inside the house.

It is not only difficult to hear about family hardship from afar, but it's also difficult to provide support to your family in a practical way when you live several states away from each other. Please help me in contributing to that effort. Any small contribution will add up!

Funds will go directly to the Sellars family, and they will receive EVERY penny of your donation. We all face difficult times; how wonderful to know we don't have to face them alone. Thank you for your donation.

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