Save Buddie & Fiona

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Beneficiary: The Lexus Project Organizer: The Lexus Project

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2 pit mixes, one pug mix taken from a loving family because neighbor doesn’t like dogs. The neighbor has called ACO on dog owners twice. The dogs were taken away. Owners went to court without counsel, lost and have asked us to help.  Dog owners are faced with less than 30 days to put up fence and or kennel which must be approved, pay fines of $90.00 a day to board the 3 dogs until case is settled, microchip, signs up to post DANGEROUS DOGS and they cannot have any contact with humans or any other animals in the future.. Please not that these dogs live with small children, cats and ferrets. While in the custody of the ACO, the pug mix died. The ACO never bothered to tell the owner and she found out a week later.

Can this case get any better? The Lexus Project will do what we can to help them. Please help them by sharing their page, making a donation for court and shelter fees.

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