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Have you ever been so proud of a child? I have and I am!!! My son Ryan will be 6 soon and was diagnosed with autism, global developmental delay, and sensory processing disorder at the age of 2. At first my heart was broken. All my dreams for my son were shattered. I grieved the lose of his childhood because now his life would turn into endless therapies, doctor appointments and school. Which is the case he works nonstop trying to make it in our world when he's locked in his own. Over the years my dreams for Ryan have changed and I will never take the little things for granted. He is non-verbal and his smile speaks right to my heart. When he sees his service dog, Chatham, he smiles and giggles. In that brief moment I forget all of his struggles and he gets to be a kid. They will form a bond that he can't get from another person, not his dad, not his sisters, not his little brother or even myself. He will have a friend that will be there for him! Chatham will help keep him safe (from running into traffic), help him transition from home to therapies, stores, and other places our family goes, teach him responsibility, give him emotional support, help him sleep better at night, give him confidence, and so much more. Which isn't that the kind of friend we all want for our kids?
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