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Beneficiary: Jane Richard Organizer: Police Officer Brandon M. O'Neill

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I am Fundraising in Memory of 8-year old Martin Richard and in Honor of his 6-year old sister Jane Richard.  The Richard family has been tragically affected by the Boston Bombing, killing young Martin and injuring Mrs. Richard and causing young Jane Richard to lose a leg.

It has been reported that the Richard family has been a very active family in their community and in sports, especially running.  Mr. Richard is a true runner, and young Jane had just ran her first race and had so much fun, just prior to sustaining her injuries.

As a father of two, I can only think of the pain from the lost Mr. and Mrs. Richard are going through and the tough times ahead for young Jane.  As a runner myself, I feel I must do all I can to help Jane in her recovery and hope to assist in the recovery process with high hope to get her back into the activities she once enjoyed, especially running.  I know in my heart, she will be running with her father soon.

I will be performing two trail races in hopes to raise funds for Jane.  The first is through the PEAKS RACES, VT, a 200 miles solo foot race.  This race is from May 30th through June 2nd.  The second race will be the Oil Creek 100 mile foot race, on October 5th.  I am looking for a $.50 cent per mile donation/pledge.  All donations/pledges to be sent to Officer Brandon O'Neill at Watertown Police Department 552 Main Street, Watertown, MA 02472.  All checks payable to Jane Richard.

Officer Brandon O'Neill
Watertown Police Department
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