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Remembering Alicia Rainbolt

$25,457raised of $100,000 goal

Organizer: Family and Friends Beneficiary: Alicia Rainbolt

Alicia Rainbolt returned to the Lord on September 24, 2013. With your help her family will continue the wonderful work that Alicia undertook in her beautiful lifetime.

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Alicia was a sweet Texas girl who built a wonderful life filled with loving family, friends and great faith in her Lord.

While her time on this Earth was cut short by a malignant brain tumor, her memory lives on through her family and friends.  Your generosity will help them continue the projects and programs that Alicia supported during her rich 32 years.  

With love,
The Rainbolt Family

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by Family and Friends
For those of  you that may not know, Alicia's Memorial Service in New York will be held next Saturday Oct 26 at 10 am at Redeemer Presbyterian Church located on W 83rd St. Her family is looking forward to seeing all of her friends at the servcice.
Blessings,  roz rainbolt   
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