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Project Mother's Day

$820raised of $2,000 goal

Organizer: Nancy Gillett Beneficiary: Project Mother's Day

Project Mother's Day is an award winning annual special Mother's Day delivery to mothers of children who are medically fragile or have significant limitations in the Omaha, Nebraska area.

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        Imagine for a moment being mother to a child who has never uttered the word “mother” or been able to say, “I love you.”  Your child is totally dependent on you to dress, brush teeth, administer medications and medical treatments.  You spend your days taking care of every need of your child in addition to all the other responsibilities you have which may include care of other children and work outside the home.   All the while you are very aware that your child lives on the edge of life and death.   For you, Mother’s Day is an occasion to listen to other women in your life talk about the cards, gifts, and dinners their children have created.  Sometimes you fight tears…and try to never let anyone know how difficult Mother’s Day is for you.  This is the reality of motherhood for mothers’ of medically fragile children.

         Now imagine you are that mom on the Saturday before Mother’s Day.  You answer the door to see a delivery person with a bouquet of flowers, a bakery box, and a gift bag.  “Happy Mother’s Day!” he says as he hands you the gifts.  That is the vision behind “Project Mother’s Day.”

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by Nancy Gillett
Yesterday Project Mother's Day deliveries were made to 30 mothers.  Here is what it meant to one mom,

I am working to find a way to load a newcast video of the project from

Thank you to everyone who made a contribution.  You touched the lives of some amazing women!

by Nancy Gillett
Thank you for helping us make Project Mother's Day possible!  Your gifts will brighten the day and the spirits of some very hard working moms for days to come.  We are 10 days from delivery and still need gift cards and gift items.  100 percent of every contribution goes to the moms of children with complicated medical conditions.  Thank you!!

by Nancy Gillett
I received an email today asking if this was a local or national movement.  Project Mother's Day is a local event started by me and friends of my daughter Maddie Halla Gillett (May22, 1996-June 27, 2011).  We continue the tradition in Maddie's memory.  I added a picture of the two of us at a time when Maddie was feeling well.

by Nancy Gillett
Thanks to all who have made a donation!  Your gifts will mean so much to the moms in Project Mother's Day this year!
    Last year was the first time we included mothers who had a child in the UNMC transplant unit.  My eyes were open to a whole world I did not know existed.  Many of the families moved to Omaha without jobs, friends, or family in order for their child to be near the needed medical facilities.  They found housing and jobs but they often felt like they were in a strange land. 
     As deliveries were made I was touched by the love and sacrifices I saw in these parents.  Wow!  It is wonderful to present the Project Mother's Day delivery and see the dawning, "Someone really cares!"  Thanks for being part of Project Mother's Day!





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