Please help my family in need BADLY

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Hi, I'm Brianna and. In October of 2012 my dad was diagnosed with brian cancer. We lost everything so we had to move in a camper on my grandparents property. Well on January 29th I was molested by a 20 yr old woman when my grandparents was watching me. My aunt who live's with them anlong with the woman made me think it was ok and I would get into so much trouble if I told. So my aunt was taking me to see this woman and making me feel like I had to do thing's with her. Well my parent's filed a police report when they found out the 1st time and said the woman was to leave me alone. My aunt kept taking me behind my parents back and then we got caught. Then my aunt was going to get into trouble with the police so when I went to go do my forensic interview my grandma told me I had to lie or I was going to be the one to make my sick daddy homeless cause she would NOT let us keep our camper here anymore and she just really really made me feel I had no choice but to lie and so I did. So now I have told my parent's my lying didnt help we still have to find somewhere to go we dont have the money to move. My mom is in very poor health, my brother is autistic,bipolar,adhd,and anger problems, and my dad has brain cancer. Can anyone please help we just need a home so we can be happy again it's all me and my brother want. I promise we can mow yards clean house something like that to help pay the money back. We just need to get away from these people that are supposed to be family that are hurting my family and makes me feel they are trying to make my daddy die sooner than his time by all this stress and hurt they do to us. We have to move April 1st but I know that is going to be hard to do with just a couple day's. My daddy don't get health incurance for 2 years now that he starts his disability check next month so he has no way to pay for his medicine or doctor visits. Any questions call 936-391-4834.
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