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Our IVF Journey

$0raised of $6,000 goal

Organizer: Chris and Melissa Cunningham Beneficiary: Chris and Melissa Cunningham

Help make our family dreams come true

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It all started when we met and fell in love. Now the only thing that should be easy comes with some obsticals. We desparately want our own baby. We found an amazing doctor and staff. We just need added support and love sent our way to achieve the goal. We are normally the first to offer these things and have never asked for anything in return. We only ask that you open your hearts and help make our dream come true of having a baby. Thank you to all who read this.


by Chris and Melissa Cunningham
We have sent our favorite radio station 97.1ZHT our info. we just heard back that they put us up on their website and making an announcement on Monday during the morning show. Please listen and send to anyone and everyone. The more we are heard the closer we get to our dream. 

by Chris and Melissa Cunningham
Still need to raise some more money for testing and such. Please open your heart and help.

by Chris and Melissa Cunningham
Thanks to everyone that's looked at our fundraiser and I hope that you can help a family with something so many people take for granted. Thanks again for any help you can give.





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