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My dad wants to open a home for those who have no home

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Organizer: colette kurtz Beneficiary: dean kurtz

My dad has been burdened to open a home for his addiction program, but just doesnt have any money to do so.

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my family moved here 9 yrs ago from pennsylvania, and my dad became the music pastor at calvary baptist church. About 7 years ago my dad started a bible study with a man who was struggling with drug usage, little did my dad know that it would turn into an addiction program at our church called new focus. my mom and dad have given their lives to this program. We have had many people live with us over the past few years. My dads goal is to open a home where people from his addiction program or anyone who has no where else to go can live. But my dad just doesnt have the money to do so. My goal is to try and help raise the money without him knowing. I love my parents more than anything, and ths is my way of giving back to them. 
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