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Mother Ross Roof Repair

$50raised of $3,544 goal

Organizer: Anessa Leydig Beneficiary: Emma Ross

Please help us fund a Roof Repair for Emma Ross.

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PLEASE NOTE:  Donations made through this website will be reflected. Donations we have received via check sent through the U.S. Postal Services or hand delivered are also included but unable to reflect via this site. So we will alsways include the correct balance of funds needed.

Have you ever met a giving person even though they didn't have much? Someone who loves, supports and prays for everyone on a daily basis regardless to who they are or what they have done? We'll this person is Mother Emma Ross.

Emma is one of the Charter Members of the St. Matthew Baptist Church in Fresno, CA. She is also the "Mother" of our church, and a Prayer Warrior. Mother Ross, has been recognized by City Officials including the former Mayor of Fresno, CA Mr. Jim Patterson .
Note Change: (after reviewing official proclamation it was Mayor Jim Patterson and not Mayor Allen Autry as previously stated.)

Mother Ross loss her only son to a terminal illness in 2012, and is a widow. At 84 years of age Emma walks everyday, prepares her own meals, but does require help with many things in and around her home that require additional finances which she does not have.  

Mother Ross currently needs her Roof Repaired on her 60 year old home. Her home currently has 3 layers on it and leaks when it rains.  The Contractor has  submitted what is needed including the $4,300.00 cost. We are blessed by the discount extended by the Contractor to help Mother Ross. Below is a list of the repairs, and total cost:

1. Remove existing build-up roofing material (3 layers) Dispose of material
2. Repair rafter tails & roof deck
3. Install #40 base felt
4. Install 2x4 drip edge and roof jacks
5. Install build-up (torch-down) roofing material
6. Seal all flashings and jacks
7. Dispose of debris related to work 

Total: $4,300.00

Note: Licensed Contractor: Rudy Solorio Roofing Inc. License No#901499

Please help us help Emma. God Bless You.

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by Anessa Leydig
Two videos from the "Raising the Roof" youth fundraiser for Emma has been uploaded. See the Gallery.

Thanks for your support

by Anessa Leydig

The Youth of St. Matthew Baptist Church had a " Raise The Roof" fund raiser event yesterday (Sunday, July 28, 2013) in an effort to support Emma. We thank the community for your help and support. $516.00 was raised during the service.

by Anessa Leydig
This Sunday, July 28, 2013 St. Matthew Baptist Church youth department will host "Raise The Roof"which is a fundraiser for Mother Ross Roof Repair from 1:00pm - 2:30pm at St. Matthew Baptist Church, Fresno CA. The donation is $10.00. There will be much entertainment. Everyone is welcome. 

by Anessa Leydig
Channel 30 had to cover another story on Sunday April 14, 2013 and was not able to come out as previously scheduled. But they will be following up with us shortly and when they do I will post and update. We are not loosing hope on this need being met within our community someway somehow.

We have also received a mail in $100.00 donation from Jo Ellen in the Montery Area. Thank you so much! Emma is believing her roof will be completed soon and we are believing with her.

by Anessa Leydig
Just received a phone call from our local news station (Action News Channel 30). Stay tuned for the update this sunday April 14, 2013.

by Anessa Leydig
We are still working and praying to get the funds needed for Mother Ross roof. Please consider helping us help Emma. We will keep you updated along the way.

Thank you





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