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Our little Maya is the light of our lives!  She is a beautiful five year old girl with enormous challenges. When she was diagnosed with bilateral open-lipped schizencephaly, we had no idea what her life would be like.  Over the past five years we have learned so much about this rare developmental disorder that has left large clefts on both sides of her brain.  And while it is heartbreaking for us to know she is unable to sit, stand up or walk on her own--what we see is a happy little kindergartener whose smile will melt your heart.

Since Maya can't use her legs or spine to propel herself, she depends on her "wheelie" to be her legs and to help her get around at home and at school.  But getting her from place to place is growing more and more difficult.  When we take her out in the car, her wheelchair has to be completely disassembled and reassembled, and then broken down and put back together on the return trip.  We store the chair in the trunk when she goes out, but in a few months, that imperfect system won't work at all.

Maya's hip is separating from her pelvis joint.  That means surgery this summer to reattach each hip to the socket.She will be in a body cast for up to six weeks, and will need a special car seat and an even bigger wheelchair.  We knew as she grew we would eventually need a van, but we thought we had much more time to prepare. Now we are faced with a looming deadline!  The surgery  takes getting Maya around to doctors' visits and school to a whole new level.  So, with the clock ticking, we are looking for your help. We need to get her a wheelchair-accessible van by the summer, and they can cost up to $50,000!

Maya has made so many strides since birth, we are convinced this will open her up to a whole new world of mobility.   We hope and pray you will be touched by this beautiful little girl who has been given so much to handle, and help make that a reality.


by Team Maya!
Hi everybody! We are proud to have reached 50% of our goal so far thanks to all of your help! We are so grateful for everyone's generosity and willingness to help Maya reach her goal. We are very excited about our wonderful progress and would like to keep it going strong! Please continue to spread the word for Maya. Thank you  again for all of your support!

love, team maya :)

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by Team Maya!
Hello everyone! The last few weeks seem to have flown by!  We can't thank you all enough  for all your love and support. Maya was a brave little girl this weekend and  got her first haircut!  She is going to be donating it to Locks of Love. :)   Please help us continue to get the word out!
Thank you everyone!

-Team Maya
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by Team Maya!
Hi everybody! We would like to say thank you to everyone for their support and helping Maya get closer to her goal!  Thank you for showing  Maya how much you all care!
Let's keep it going!  Please continue to spread the  word!

Thank you again!
-Team Maya <3
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by Team Maya!
Hello Everyone! Thank you so much for all of your support and donations for Maya! While we are off to a good start, we would like to keep it going strong!! Please continue to help us spread the word. Mobility for Maya!!!!

Thank you again!!
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