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Hi, my name's Mark Hale. You may know me from around the web as the co-founder of @FakeAPStylebook on Twitter, or from my days as a comics blogger, or from talking about my cats on my personal Twitter account.

Several things have led to hard times for my wife and me recently. I'm legally blind, or near to it, and can't drive, making work hard for me to find in a sprawling city like Louisville. Several long bouts of unemployment have only made the job search harder, and a recent seasonal job has put a dent in what little money I get due to my disability.

My wife is a school bus driver, proud of the work she does and glad to have what she calls "a grown-up job." Unfortunately over this school year, and particularly the last two months, sick days and snow days have compounded into more financial and medical issues. Recent psychiatric care she has sought only threaten to make this worse.

Between the stresses and the bills and the weather, we've stretched to the point of breaking and could use a little something to--literally--keep the lights on. Catching up on our water, electric, gas and medical bills would lift a huge strain off of our minds and backs.

(That's a picture of our cat Dusty. She's perfectly healthy, just bewildered by everything all the time.)
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