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Mari's Mission

$5,695raised of $10,000 goal

Organizer: Kelly Joy Beneficiary: Mari Kristiansen

After a long battle with cancer, help me provide the means to take my mom on a final trip to the one destination she thought she would never get to experience, Giraffe Manor.

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Our journey with cancer has taken us to many places, except one- Giraffe Manor. If you have ever been to our home, met my mother, there is a good chance you know about her love of Giraffe's. Located in Africa near Nairobi city, this vacation getaway is set on 12 acres of land where Giraffe's roam the grounds freely. This place makes it possible for you to be up close and personal with Giraffe's, including feeding them from your own bedroom window- not kidding. Now, my humble means and her out of pocket medical bills would not allow us to get there on our own. I am in no way expecting to reach any set goal. It is my only wish at this point, to take her away from the ugliness she has been put through and provide an escape. Giraffe Manor is of course, her dream, but health permitting, I plan to take her on a trip to any place possible at the time given. I am 100% relying on the kindness of friends and strangers alike to help make this last wish possible. So, here we are on a mission, a mission for Mari.
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