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Making my husbands dream come true!

$403raised of $250 goal

Organizer: Joyce Johnson Beneficiary: Joyce Johnson

Hoping to be able to make my husbands lifelong dream come true

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My husband has been a lifelong Chicago Bears fan.  Growing up and living in Arizona he was never able to see them play.  We recently moved to Tri Cities Washington and for his 30th birthday I surprised him with tickets to the Bears Seahawks game on August 22.  He recently lost his job, and with a 4 month old baby we just can't afford to go.  I tried to sell our tickets on a buy sell or swap site and there were so many compassionate people that encouraged me to set up this page so they could donate money for gas so I could still make his dream come true.  So here I am.  I am so humbled that so many people would come together to help make a strangers day bright in a difficult time.  Thank you so much!
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