Love Trumps Cancer

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Our story begins with our very own dream wedding that we had planned months prior while I went through treatment for cancer (late stage). We worked very hard in preparation and had found ways to make our dreams come true despite the cancer. That dream was shattered on Saturday April 20th, 5 days before our wedding, when I awoke to find myself paralyzed from mid-chest down. Laura contacted the paramedics, who rushed me to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The doctors discovered that a tumor had comprimised my spine and had to perform an emergency spinal surgery.

That was the most scared I have ever been, I really didn't think I would make it out seeing as how this was my 61st operation with cancer fighting against me, but I came out of surgery like I always have. And this time with a new found appreciation for all the things that some people take for granted, like family, friends and the love of my life.

After discovering this new appreciation, I began to realize that my struggles had only begun. Each day at Vanderbilt was filled with small set backs but also small victories. With every small step forward, I have been guided with the help of friends and family. I really couldn't have maintained my high spirits and positive attitude without their love and support. I am now going through rehab at the Vanderbilt Stallworth Rehab Center and I am scheduled for release upon the 21st but upon my release, there will be many more physical and financial struggles.

I do not have insurance because I was dropped from TennCare, I have Stage 4 Cancer with no life insurance or burial insurance with no company that is willing to take me in and the last thing that I would ever want to do is leave my sweet Laura with my debts. We cannot afford the cost of all of my prescriptions, medical supplies and supplies for my paralysis. We do still want to get married despite everything but our finanacial means are yet again limited.

Laura and I are reaching out to the public for anything you may have to offer us to try and help us through these tough times and anything you choose to donate will not go unnoticed or unappreciated. We are asking mainly for money but if you are an organization that would like to donate any needed materials for the wedding or my disability that would be amazing.

Through it all, our love remains. It is unchanging and grows stronger by the day. She is the woman of my dreams and she cares for me like no other. I only wish that I could have more time with her to fulfill all of our dreams.

With your help, we can make our wedding dream come true because love really does trump cancer. Thank you for your donation!
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