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Losing to win a journey to the Spartan Trifecta

$62raised of $599 goal

Organizer: Team JAG Beneficiary: Rivera Family

Join together to sponsor us as we work toward the Spartan Trifecta to promote awareness for change, health and the reaching of a personal goal.

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May 2, 2012 I had gastric bypass surgery because of a long battle with diabetes and weight issues.  March 2013 we ran our first mud run (Dirty Girl Mud Run) in support of breast cancer.  Ever since that day we have been motivated to make a difference and help others get off their butts.  On May 19, 2013 I ran my first Spartan Sprint. I race in memory of my best friend Jo Ann Gonzales who passed of colon cancer at 38 years old on November 2, 2012. The Mid-Atlantic Spartan Super being held in Roseland, VA on August 24, 2013.  I will be racing with the Corn Fed Spartans wearing a CFS jersey saying JAG on the back with the number 11212 in memory of Jo Ann.

It is also a personal goal to push myself further then I have ever been before.  It is time to get out there and prove that you can always come back from the darkest point in your life to overcome any obstacle. The Spartan Super is another piece toward the Trifecta.  The final race will be the Beast in December here in Glen Rose, Texas.

Lizzie and I ask our family and friends to help in anyway possible.  We will even take your unwanted pennies.  Pocket change is accepted, but pocket lint will be returned to the rightful owners.  =)

Any additional funds will be donated to the Get Your Rear In Gear Colon Cancer Coalition.


Here is my story told by Steffen Cook of Spartan Race:

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by Team JAG
The family and I are now gearing up to head to Blue Mountain Ski Area in PA for a Spartan Sprint on July 13.  This will be my Dad's first Spartan Race that he will be running with me.

by Team JAG
We are officially registered for the Mid-Atlantic Spartan Super.  One step closer to the Trifecta.





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