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Since March of this year Larry's family has been going through many trials and tribulations. His wife was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that affects the blood cells, plasma, and bone marrow. She has been through multiple treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation. It was 7 months ago when his family found out, and the beginning of this month she finished her last expected treatment. Throughout the entire process Larry was there by her side- attending every treatment, every check up, spending countless nights sleeping hospital bedside, late nights refusing to sleep until his wife was sleeping, early mornings taking the children to school, being the anchor that holds his family together. Wednesday Morning, October 10th 2012 Larry was admitted to the local hospital where he was found to have multiple blood clots in his intestines. While undergoing what should be a routine, yet unexpected surgery, Larry's life was cut short. After 7 months of battling cancer with his wife, right when they are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, Larry's family has been blindsided with another tragedy. Larry Hernandez is survived by his wife Rosa and their three children- 9 year old Edgar, 7 year old Gabriella, and 4 year old Larry Alexander. We know Larry as a good friend and long time co-worker. His family knows him as a loving father and devoted husband.
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