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Jenro's American Diner Rescue

$930raised of $7,000 goal

Organizer: Mike Lambasio Beneficiary: Jenro's Diner

Jenro's American Diner Rescue Fund. Saving America's Favorite Cruise Spots.

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Jenros Diner was founded in 1979 by Jenro Lambaiso Senior and son Michael. It specializes in breakfast, lunch and dinner, all home-cooked meals, homemade bread, biscuits, soups and sandwiches, and Philadelphia hoagies. In 1986, Joe Viola introduced a frenzy of street rods, classic cars, custom cars, antique led sleds, and imports attracting all special interest vehicles to the diner, forming our popular car shows. Over the years, we've helped numerous charities, including The Children's Hospital of the Kings Daughters, Toys for Tots, Association for Retarded Citizens (ARC) , Operation Straight, Keep Kids Off Drugs and Alcohol, MADD , and numerous other charities.
Unfortunately our landlord has demanded through a law firm (Williams and Mullen) that our car shows be put to a halt immediately! This places us with a fine for $6,500.00. It also asks 70% of our business to leave on Friday and Saturday nights! These are our car show friends that have been patronizing our business since 1986. They have done nothing but attract business, people, and money to the shopping center. We are currently just trying to pay off the fines and reorganize our business without losing our lease.
This diner and cruise spots like this across the great USA have helped car clubs to organize and do special interest charity events for numerous types of fundraising. To lose it would be like losing a piece of American history. For more info you can contact Mike Lambaiso at 757-567-9111.

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