Huntersville/Wynfield Family Needs Your Help

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Beneficiary: Monique Spittel Family Organizer: Wynfield Neighbors

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This past weekend longtime resident Mark Spittel passed away. While you absorb the gravity and impact his death makes on his family, we are alerting you to the urgent financial need that the family now faces in the wake of his death. Monique and the boys find themselves in a financially precarious position with IMMEDIATE  basic needs. These needs include but are not limited to, payment of utility bills, purchase of groceries, gas etc.

If you are a Wynfield/Huntersville resident then chances are you may very well know the Spittel's. Maybe your kids were on the swim team that Grayson coached or were on a sports team with Truman; have gone running in a race with Monique or asked if your kids could play in her yard. They have been a positive presence in the community for over twenty years. Collectively, we hope that Wynfield residents who are able can reach out to support the Spittel's during the next few months as they get back on their feet financially.

While Monique and the boys are coping with the shock of the situation we ask that you not contact them directly at this time. She will receive notification of all donations and will be in touch.

You can use a credit card or Paypal from this link or simply drop a check in the mail to: Monique Spittel
8904 Cumbria Court
Huntersville, NC 28078

What you need to know about your donation:

Your donations are not tax deductable. If you use Paypal a small percent goes to Paypal. You can make an annonymous donation through the Paypal link. will add a donation for the site BUT YOU CAN CHANGE IT TO $0!!!!

Please pass this message on to anyone that you believe would want to know and help.
Many thanks.

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