Help the Gaffney family get to the NTSAD confrence

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Paul and harleeGrace both siblings 22 months apart paul age 6 and HarleeGrace age 4 both have a rare gentic disease called canavan disease as right now there is no known cure for this terrible disease the life expentancy is 10 years old but the oldest known living person is 34years old. We are raising funds to get to our annual confrence in atlanta april-3,2014-april 6,2014 times are ruff right now that the childrens father is unemployed at the time and myself paul and harleegrace mother is a stay home mom with both of the kids medical issues we are going to drive from New Hampshire to Atlanta Georgia we feel it will be easier with all there equipment and easier on the family than flying we are raising money to get us there for expences like Gas,hotel,food,registration ect. we arent asking for your whole paycheck we are simplying asking for a small donation or whatever you can afford we are not forcing you to be obligated to donate at all we love everyone of your prays and following us please visit our page thank you and god bless you all
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