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Help the Family of Yasser Faisal al-Joumaili

$24,362raised of $30,000 goal

Organizer: Friends of Yasser Beneficiary: The Family of Yasser Faisal al-Joumaili

Iraqi cameraman, Yasser Faisal al-Joumaili, was killed in Syria, while on assignment. Please give generously to support his family.

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A lot of people who didn't know Yasser Faisal know a part of Iraq through him. His images were the ones we saw in almost every story from Fallujah and Ramadi and the most volatile places in Iraq. Yasser's courage and passion were the reasons we saw any of those images at all. From the dragging of the charred U.S. contractors through the streets of Falluja to the unforgettable news conference where former U.S. President George W Bush ducked shoes hurled by an Iraqi journalist, Yasser was there, camera in hand.

In December this year, Yasser was tragically killed, while working in Syria.

Yasser didn't have the support or security of a full-time job – as a freelancer he was always juggling assignments – many of them in places considered too dangerous for foreigners. When he hurt his shoulder on the job last year, he didn't get paid and he didn't work. When he recovered, he threw himself back into it, as he had three small children to feed.

There is nothing we can do to bring Yasser back, but we can, at least, ensure that his family’s needs are taken care of, especially the education of his children.

Yasser’s death leaves our world that much darker, but with your help, we can ensure that his family have a brighter future.

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by Friends of Yasser

I’d like to start this update with a huge "Thank You" to everyone who’s donated. Thanks to you, we reached our initial goal of $20,000 in just two weeks. This is absolutely extraordinary! And believe me, you’ve done more than just give money; you’ve shown that human beings are caring, generous, and kind. In a world that appears to be mired in violence, you have each shown that humanity is defined not by selfishness and brutality, but by benevolence and magnanimity.

As we have already reached our goal with over a month to go, I have raised the appeal to $30,000 to encourage people to continue to donate to Yasser’s family.
Sincere and heartfelt thanks!

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