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(Alexander) Lexi is a highly intelligent young man on the autistic spectrum with additional diagnosis such as bipolar disorder I. For his tenth birthday, he decided that instead of having a birthday party he would try to make the world a better place and raised $1501.00 to help fight global warming. He cares deeply for his community and aspires to one day be a film director.  His autism and bipolar diagnosis isolate Lexi and he feels like the freak with severe social anxieties and intense challenges in focusing, battling depression and panic attacks. A service dog will help strengthen Lexi as he learns to be apart of the world as a young adult, hopefully helping him through a college film program and on to independence.  Without a service dog, the future for Lexi and his ability to stabilize and have any independence is bleak.  Such a gifted young man with amazing goals and aspirations...please help him get match with his partner towards his future, his hopes and a friend to walk beside him guiding him on his journey.

My son Lexi has been accepted by a local organization to be matched and train with an Autism Service Dog. He is 15 and has multiple diagnosis with a primary diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder as well as various other additional diagnosis. A blog of my parenting journey can be found at: if interested in more details regarding Lexi's condition and a more personal view of his challenges.. 

An Autism Service Dog takes hundreds of hours of training, volunteers, specialized care and more and the average cost of raising and training one of these dogs is between $15k and $30k.  We need to raise $12,500.00 total for Lexi's Service Dog, although lower then average is still a stagering amount.  Please help partner with us to build this alliance between Lexi and his service dog. Not only is this a life changing partnership but possibly life saving.

 Thank you for sharing in our hope!


by Beth Madsen
Well...we heard from Pawsitive Service Dog Solutions yesterday and Mickey is not quite ready to go into advanced training yet…he needs a few more weeks of maturing. We are hoping that he will be ripe for advanced training before July in order to get his advanced training done quickly and be in Lexis care by the time school starts. Any prayer and good vibes not his would be appreciated. Lexi is really counting on starting school 8/13 with Mickey by his side. I know it will all work out for the best however it happens but there would be a lot less to mop up if Mickey were ready by August. Thank you All!  

by Beth Madsen
After speaking with Pawsitive Service Dog Solutions I have added the $1000 handling fee for teh trainer to come and train with Lexi this summer when we are matched with Mickey.  I have been waiting for that amount detail and was hoping it would be a smaller amount since we are somewhat local but it seems to be the standard base fee, which I understand, for the trainer to come over every day and train us, gas, food, etc.  We now know that our timeline to et Mickey based on the line up of dogs moving in to advanced training is either mid-July or early August which works out great iwth our schedule.  We are looking forward to Lexi and Mickey being together so much.  We are very very close to finishing our fundraising and then simply impatiently waiting for Mickey's arrival.  Thank you all for your help and support along the way.  We have our golf tournament this Sunday at Black Oak Golf Course in Auburn, CA and then we are excited to be at the Colfax Car Show on Sat May 10th from 10-3 where all proceeds will go to Lexis Service Dog and we will have a nacho booth and raffle drawings.  Pawsitive will be at both events to answer questions and support our fundraising if you want to come on down and see a service dog in action!  

by Beth Madsen
Happy Easter and Passover to everyone! May your weekend be blessed and peaceful!  We are so grateful for each of you and all of your support and the light that you have shared with our family! 

by Beth Madsen
Wow, we are getting so amazingly close that it is incredible.  Thank you to everyone who has been supporting this long and awesome journey!  As Lexi gets closer and closer his excitedment grows.  He dreams of Mickey, his assigned service dog.  I can not wait for the two to be together!

Our Soup N Salad was incredibly successful raising $3275.00 and we still are finishing our "MEGA PARTY" fundraiser of PartyLite, Tupperware and Mary Kay thrown by my friends Teresa Jay, Tara McKinney and La Vonne Gilmore-they have been so generous and wonderful!  Next up is our Golf Tournament on May 4th at Black Oak Golf Course in Auburn, CA.  Lexi is looking forward to golfing with everyone.  He is a great golfer, it is one of his most favorite past times.  After that is the Colfax Car Show on May 10th where we will have a nacho booth and raffle drawings for a 2 day getaway and our Old Town Pizza gift box.  

Special thanks to recent donations from the Muir Family.  I was trying to thank them personally under comments and saw that someone named Alexa Fila had posted her negative situation on my fundraising sight.  This is a woman who unfortunately, after contracting with Pawsitive Service Dogs, was found to have a criminal record in a way that caused Pawsitive to not be able to place a dog with her child out of concern for animal safety and prudent care.  They have been very transparent regarding this manner and this woman continues to harass every family that is desperately trying to raise money and help their own children.  Pawsitive is acting prudently and with legal advisement and care in the situation and is a wonderful organization.  Their respect, dilligence and efforts make me all the prouder to have contracted with them.  I am so sorry if anyone has been inflicted with Ms. Fila's negative remarks. I assure you that I am a wise and prudent mother who moved into this contract prudently and carefully.  I hope your support for my son continues and that this woman's negative past affecting her today and therefore inflicting her guilt and blame onto others does not harm my son.  He has been through enough already and his situation is still fragile.  

Lexi is struggling through his spring break and the amount of fundraising socialization involved and his depression has returned.  We are doing everything possible to hold him up through this time.  I know that when Mickey comes, he will be able to support Lexi and help him through.  They will be an amazing Pawsome team.  God Bless you all.  Thank you for your continued support.

by Beth Madsen
Well we just had an AWESOME fundraiser last night here in our local town.  The Colfax Lions Club are a powerful force and we had SO MUCH FUN! We had a Soup N Salad Dinner with desserts by teh Lionesses and several raffles and a silent auction!  Everyone seemed to go home happy and full of delicious food!  It was AW INSPIRING! We are so grateful for all the support from raffle and auction donations to soup n salad cooks and to the Colfax Lions and Lionesses for all their hard work!  Lexi, his siter and I are just amazed and so grateful!  Next up is our Mega Party in one week with online ordering at Tupperware, Mary Kay and Party Lite open the whole month of April and then our Golf Tournament on May 4th at Black Oak Golf Course and last but not least ont he calendar thus far is the Colfax Car Show, we will have a nacho booth there and wrap up our long term raffle drawings.  It is absolutely all kinds of fun and we look forward to any support you can bring. 

We know for sure that Mickey is Lexi's chosen dog and he is almost done with his basic puppy training by his fantastic puppy raisers, Kellee and Reagan and he is ALMOIST ready for ADVANCED TRAINING!  They expecy him to be ready for Lexi in June!  We have got to be ready for Mickey!!!!  He might be able to come to our Golf Tournament or our Car Show so come on out and meet him...he is such a sweetie!!!  

In the meantime, Lexi is doing better and is more stable with his hope getting stronger waiting for Mickey.  Things are looking pretty PAWSITIVE around these parts.  Thank you ALL so very much for all of your PAWSOME support!  We could not have gotten this far without each of you!  

by Beth Madsen
Such excitement after the holidays...we have raised 1/3 of the amount for Lexi's Service Dog. Special thank you to Shannon Marie Perreaul who created a scholarship after raising more then needed for her son's autism service dog.  I love to hear the wonderful reports of before and after the service dog came in to their lives.  I can't wait to tell my own wonderful stories.  

We uploaded some videos of Lexi learning the guitar. One of his new favorite things to do. He plays constantly. Check them out. :)

This coming week I will meet with hte head of Pawsitive Service Dog Solutions at our local Lion's Club meeting to present our need and they have decided to do some sort of fundraiser for us but no specifics yet.  I am so excited for their help, I hear fantastic things of their great work.

On top of continuing to collect online donations, we are beginning our search for donated items to do raffles and silent auctions at our fundraising events.  We already have a 2 night stay in a beautiful cabin, a tax preparation service, an awesome skateboard, a month of dance lessons, some amazing photography prints, some gorgeous knitted hats, a few gift cards and a certificate for massage locked in.  I am rallying my army of friends, family and supporters to help me gather more auction items or raffle prizes so if you knwo of any, please do not hesitate to email me. 

On the horizon is also a possible Pampered Chef Party. A  fundraiser by my cousin on the East Coast and possibly one by my niece.  I am open to ideas and help as I continue to try to juggle, dealing with Lexi's special needs and mental illness, schooling issues, his sibling, working and going to law school.  

All help, donations, prayers, creative thoughts and ideas and support is bringing hope to Lexi and blessing to our family.  Thank you!!!

by Beth Madsen
Happy Thanksgiving to all who are supporting our journey through donations, sharing our quest and adventures and your prayers!  We are so grateful for all of the love and light that has been directed toward our family and toward Lexi as he has been struggling so intensely through his darkness.  Our love and prayers of gratitude and grace for a wonderful Holiday!  

Lexi is home this week from the hospital. It is good to have my boy home. He is more stable and his handsome smile actually pops out once in awhile.  He is not looking forward to the Holiday Break being over because he is struggling socially at school right now but in three weeks he will have another Holiday Break and that will be a good thing.  It is not easy being a teenager.

We are $28.00 away from $2000.00 raised towards our goal.  Steadily we move towards our goal. The Lion's Club has agreed to help us put on an event in the Spring which should be exciting and fun! We still need to get together and decide specifics. I have not heard back fromt he Kiwanis or the Rotary Club but I sure did have a great time meeting with them.  

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Thanksgiving...Thank you all so very much!

by Beth Madsen
Lexi is having a rough time these days. The service dog will be crucial for stabilizing him and helping to give him the tools and confidence to move forward.  We are currently $550 from making 20% towards goal.  I am so grateful for all the support everyone is giving from donations, sharing the links, spreading the word and prayers.  Please keep showing Lexi that we can bring light to his darkness.  In love and gratitude! 

by Beth Madsen
Well, we have been invited next week to go meet the puppies in training and I am so excited! I think this will really help Lexi feel the hope of this quest for his service dog! And OF COURSE I WILL TAKE PICTURES!!! 

Our fundraiser has amazingly raise $1631.00 already in ONE MONTH, with 43 supporters and donations from $5 to $100.  See how it all adds up!!!  Every donation is HUGE!!! This link has been shared over 100 times and that is FANTASTIC!!!  

I'm excited to meet with the Kiwanis of Grater Colfax this week and the DayBreak Roatary Club of Auburn next week..hopefully they will be able to help in some way.  The Lions Club of Auburn is meeting in the next week and they have promised to brainstorm on how to help us in our fundraising endeavors.  I am praying they come up with some effective and fun ideas!!!!  We also have a locked in date of a golf tournament on Sunday May 4th at 2pm at Black Oak Golf Course in Auburn so save the date and I'll have registration ready by February.  Registration will be $50  so mark your calendars!!! Lexi LOVES Golf!!!

I've also been sharing letters asking for fundraising partners, donations or contributions to raffle prizes, etc from anyone and everyone.  Haven't heard back from anyone yet but I'll keep going until I get some cool raffle prizes lined up.  :)

In additon, my beautiful niece in South Caroline is looking for a way to do a fundraiser with her sunday school class.  She's a mother of 3 and pregnant with a fourth and offering to help her beautiful crazy cousin across the country.  My family is AWESOME!

Always looking for companies seeking end of the year tax deductible donations so if you know of any or have ideas or connections please share them with me! 

I think this is the beginning of an amazing journey! Thank you to everyone who has donated and shared and prayed and supported us in any way on our quest for Lexis Service Dog. Please please please keep sharing and supporting us however you are able!  No donation is too small and they ALL add up to HUGE hope!!! In Love and Gratitude!

by Beth Madsen
Remember how we used to Trick or Treat for UNICEF...what if we did TRICK OR TREAT for a SERVICE DOG?  LOL  

Lex has bolted 2x's in the last 3 weeks. It's very scary.  His condition is not stable at all.  A service dog would stop this risk and help him stabilize. We have made it past 10% towards goal but have a LONG road ahead of us.  

Thank you for continuing to share his facebook page and this youcaring site and the site.  All of it is helpful.  

Hoping to do a video with my daughter's cheer team this week and to get signed up for a bake sale at our towns winterfest. Going to also have an information table set up at church this weekend.  Getting the word out and keeping it out is key to success.    

Looking for any information or leads to corporate donations as businesses looking for end of the year tax deductible gifts to make to help them out.  Please think of your employer and if I might be able to send a letter or give you a letter to request their help.  

Thank you for your continued prayers, support and help spreading the word, the links, the websites, the successes and the continued challenges. Knowing there is this wonderful circle of friends and family help tether Lexi to hope. For that I am eternally grateful!

by Beth Madsen
Another FANTASTIC week! We have made it to 10% of our goal which is significant! Thank you SO much for all ofyour support!  We still have a long long way to go but what a way to start our quest for Lexis Service Dog!!!

I spoke with Norm from Black Oak Golf Course in Auburn about doing a golf tournament in early May 2014 which sounds like a fun and exciting way to raise funds.

The Colfax Jr Falcons Cheer Team is going to partner with us to do a bake sale in Mid December for the town Winter Festival.

I have signed up with which is a fantastic way to raise money at no cost to anyone. You can either click on the link on our facebook page or simply go to and under the "causes" drop down search for "Lexis Service Dog" click on that and go to the HUGE list of stores available and shop away! With the Holidays coming up you can make your holiday generosity even MORE generous!!! So exciting and easy.

Fairy Godmother Duck continues her quest to find funds for Lexi's Service Dog, don't forget to share her with your friends and family. A $5.00 donation or more reveals her next step on her adventure.  

I spoke with the director of fundraising at Pawsitive Service Dog Solutions and they suggested we begin to look at corporations who need to donate to non profits for end of year financial reasons. Please let us know if you have any corporation ideas.

She also said that Lexi would be invited to come to a puppy raiser meeting and meet some of the dogs in training. They meet in the middle of the month. As long as their next meeting is not on a night when I am in law school, Lexi and I will try to go over and meet the pups-pictures will be posted of course!!!

Please please please share the links for and explain to your firneds and family how easy it is to use.  Please keep sharing hte links for and the link to our facebook page so folks can folllow Lexi's journey.  

Although Lexi still struggles with darkness and anxiety, knowing that so many support him is shining a light on his darkness and giving him strength.  As his mother, I can not thank you all enough!

<3 Thank you! <3 

by Beth Madsen
Well it has been a fantastic week so far and I am so grateful and excited! We have 23 supporters and we have raised $961.0 so far.  I've never done this before but I think that is kind of AWESOME!!!  My friends son in VT is trying to form his creative plan to help raise money for Lexi's Service Dog which is truly the sign of an unusually awesome kid (and his Mom).  My cousin in S.C. is putting together a Spring event to raise money for Lexi's Service Dog.  I spoke with the Auburn Elks Club today and they will discuss it at their next meeting mid November but feel relatively certain they want to help somehow. I am meeting with the Kiwanis Club of Greater Colfax in 3 weeks to discuss our fundraising needs and on Friday I meet with a local golf course to discuss the possibility of a golf tournament. Elementary school friends, college friends and several members of my family are giving what they are able. This is amazing. Please keep up your fantastic support, share the link and tell your friends how amazing you are to support my son and know that Lexi and I are so incredibly grateful!  Prayer, sharing the links on a regular basis, even a $5 donation is absolutely HUGE to us. Hoping to make it to $1200.00 by Monday to show Pawsitive Service Dog Solutions our level of commitment!  We can't do this without your help. Thank you for all of it! You all are bringing hope and light to one who has been lost in the dark. 

by Beth Madsen
Wow! What a first week!  In one week, this link has been shared 42 times on facebook, 3 times on twitter and 8 times to other places!  We have had 14 supporters donate money and several folks who can not outright donate are working on creative ideas to do fundraisers and help us out!

 I am meeting with someone next week to look at the prospect of doing a Spring Golf Tournament and my cousin on the East Coast is in the beginning stages of putting together a small event in Spring as well!  I have a college friend/fraternity sister who's son has decided to make a project out of raising funds for my son's service dog and they are in the beginning stages of forming a plan and generating ideas.

 In total so far we have $560.00 raised out of the $12,500.  We are on our way to the first $1000.00. Lexi is feeling so supported and amazed at how much people care.  THANK YOU ALL!  Please re-share the info and remember that even $5.00 gets us closer to our goal.  A lot of little bits make a HUGE difference! <3 <3 <3 You all are awesome!

by Beth Madsen
Fairy Godmother Duck wants to help raise money for Lexi's Service Dog!  Any donation of $5.00 or more will reveal a new adventure for Fairy Godmother Duck.  I wonder where she will go...check out our facebook page at and see where she goes after each donation! :)  

by Beth Madsen
So far we have raised $245.00 on and $25.00 directly to Pawsitive Service Dog Solutions for an awesome total of $270.00.  Ideas are churning and in the works for some fundraising events near and far. The link to this website has been shared over 40 times in different places and a few folks are looking in to whether their company will match their fundraising dollars.  Any other fundraising ideas are appreciated...please email me or post them to Lexis Service Dog on Facebook. Thank you for a great start to the fundraising journey for Lexi's Service Dog!  Please keep re-sharing the link to your friends and family.  Even a $5 donation makes a difference...a lot of a little makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE! Thank you so much! :)



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