Help Lexi Get His Autism Service Dog

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Beneficiary: Alexander (Lexi) Madsen Organizer: Beth Madsen

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(Alexander) Lexi is a highly intelligent young man on the autistic spectrum with additional diagnosis such as bipolar disorder I. For his tenth birthday, he decided that instead of having a birthday party he would try to make the world a better place and raised $1501.00 to help fight global warming. He cares deeply for his community and aspires to one day be a film director.  His autism and bipolar diagnosis isolate Lexi and he feels like the freak with severe social anxieties and intense challenges in focusing, battling depression and panic attacks. A service dog will help strengthen Lexi as he learns to be apart of the world as a young adult, hopefully helping him through a college film program and on to independence.  Without a service dog, the future for Lexi and his ability to stabilize and have any independence is bleak.  Such a gifted young man with amazing goals and aspirations...please help him get match with his partner towards his future, his hopes and a friend to walk beside him guiding him on his journey.

My son Lexi has been accepted by a local organization to be matched and train with an Autism Service Dog. He is 15 and has multiple diagnosis with a primary diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder as well as various other additional diagnosis. A blog of my parenting journey can be found at: if interested in more details regarding Lexi's condition and a more personal view of his challenges.. 

An Autism Service Dog takes hundreds of hours of training, volunteers, specialized care and more and the average cost of raising and training one of these dogs is between $15k and $30k.  We need to raise $12,500.00 total for Lexi's Service Dog, although lower then average is still a stagering amount.  Please help partner with us to build this alliance between Lexi and his service dog. Not only is this a life changing partnership but possibly life saving.

 Thank you for sharing in our hope!
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