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Beneficiary: Navid "G" Garshasb Organizer: John Jones, Shahine Garshasb

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Update: On Joani’s behalf, Navid went into a deep sleep Wednesday night, 4 Sep,  and passed into a peaceful repose into the Lord’s care soon after. She and the boys are grateful for the time they had with Navid, and grateful for the gracious love and support they’ve received from all you wonderful, generous people. They feel blessed beyond words. Joani is awestruck at how many people are touched by their story and finds strength in the caring responses posted

No good deed goes unpunished. No one knows this better than the Garshasb family. After G's heroics that fateful night in November 2001, in which he saved lives after he sustained serious injuries, the hits have continued to come. Since then, he has battled brain cancer, strokes, and a blood disease. All of which have resulted in his current terminal condition. He is currently in hospice and has been given just a couple of weeks more to live. His wife, Joani, and sons, Shahine and Andy have been his incredible support system throughout it all. Unfortunately, during a recent hospitlization for a stroke, a miss-communication created a lapse in his insurance and it has yet to be resolved. Without insurance, the family will shoulder a tremendous amount of costs. Please consider donating any amount to this worthy cause. I've provided a link to a story about G's heroic act:
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