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Giving Help, Giving Hope

$6,649raised of $8,000 goal

Organizer: Zoe Van Horne Beneficiary: Michelle Van Horne

Giving back help, love and hope, to a kind and loving sister; who has welcomed conjoined twins.

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This fundraiser is to give some help to an amazing person who has done so much and helped many without asking much in return. A loving mother who is about to take a courageous journey as she welcomes conjoined twins into the world. Any pregnancy can have complications, but a pregnancy like this needs special doctors, trips to bigger and better hospitals. A lot of strain on the mind and body. Michelle is no longer able to work like she use to..which makes it hard to buy things her family needs...paying rent...let alone medical bills and the needs of new babies who will need special things made for them. Even though the odds are stacked against these types of births...she is staying strong for her family.
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by Zoe Van Horne
We just wanted to post an update on our precious boys Andrew and Garrett. They are doing great!!! Growing stronger day by day. Both boys sleep through the night and are eating well. They are our little fighters... We want to Thank you for your support, love and prayers.
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