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Give me a place to call home.

$0raised of $10,000 goal

Organizer: M.Tift Beneficiary: White River Animal Rescue

We are raising funds to create a safe haven for pups to get ready for their forever homes outside of the shelter.

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We are purchasing a place puppies can be safe, Out of the shelter. To get them socialized, medical treatments and lots of love so they are ready for their for ever families. In a home environment the pups will have basic training: house training, basic commands, lots of exercise and love. 
By having this home we are able to rescue more puppies and have more openings for other dogs in our foster homes. This fund is for assisting in the purchase and renovation of a property we are submitting a grant for. It will help us build fencing for the exercise yard, buy toys, comfy beds and puppy food for our new arrivals. 

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by M.Tift
Please help us get this property for our puppies and the ones we want to save.
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by M.Tift
These are photos of just some of the sweet babies we have rescued and there are so many more we can help with your help.
please donate, any amount is a blessing and share with your friends.
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