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Give Hope

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Organizer: Caring Friends Beneficiary: Baby

Teen Pregnancy and Poverty - 64% of children from teen mothers who are not married and did not receive a GED or High School diploma end up in poverty.

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This fundraiser is to help a local teen girl who lives in Pensacola, Florida.  She has no medical insurance and works part time at a fast food chain.  She is not married and has not finished high school yet.  I do not want to post her name out of respect for her privacy and also because she has no knowledge of this fundraiser.  

All money raised will go directly to a bank account set up for her and her baby through paypal.  The funds are meant to help with any medical needs or items needed that will not be covered by any other organizational help.  It is also hopeful that she will be able to get established in a place to live as she is currently homeless.

She is not considering abortion or adoption.  She wants to raise her baby to the best of her ability.  I hope that we can prevent this young mother and her child from becoming part of this statistic.  

Any help even the smallest amount is so greatly appreciated.  I pray that you be blessed 100 fold for your loving gift and generosity by our Heavenly Father.  Thank you.
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by Caring Friends
Please help at least one teen mom and her baby. Making a small donation will give them a hope and a future. Thank you.

by Caring Friends
An alarming statistic is that 80% of father do not marry the mothers and pay less than $800 a year in child support.





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