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$318raised of $3,581 goal

Organizer: Samantha Lee Beneficiary: The Lee's and Their Pets

Please help us save our animals and get them home. 6 animals have died in 16 months, how many more will die?

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On Nov 17, 2011 our rescue was raided out of retaliation because I filed a tort claim against animal control.  This was the first legal step to file a lawsuit.

I was filing a lawsuit against animal control and CPS for a conspiracy against my husband and me.  We were asked on 5 different days to enter into a formal adjustment with CPS.  Because we refused to an open case,  this case worker then used my  feline rescue against me.  After the 5th no, the caseworker went back to her boss, used my rescue against me and told him we were animal hoarders.  Animal control took all the cats, but left the dog and the chickens.  The ACO coerced me into surrendering my sons ducks.  He adopted out my sons ducks but murdered all 15 cats.  4 of which were our pets.  After I realized what had happened was when I filed the tort claim, shortly after their deadline to answer it was when we were raided.  In order to follow through with the tort claim I had to bring forth the suit by January 6, 2012. 

The ACO took every animal we owned, lied to the judge to do so as well.  I filed an injunction against Animal Control on November 30, 2011.  I then hired an attorney to take over in February 2012.  We are still fighting the return of the animals.  The legal fee to save our animals has now reached the $6500 mark.  We need help keeping the animals attorney paid or he will withdrawal leaving our animals lives in limbo, we feel this is the goal of the ACO, we don't have the government paying our attorney like he does.  Now he has brought in more people to cause trouble for us, their goal is to financially break us, therefore by default they get the animals.  The commissioners have already stated the county owns my animals and they do not.

Please if you can spare just a few dollars to save these animals please donate.  Your donation is tax deductible.  And time is URGENT.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Samantha, Randell, Josh, Candace anda Parker

If you don't know our story you can read it here...........

Please help us get them home:
The Cats
Mufasa, Jasmine, Speck, Sparrow, Elizabeth, Kitler, Kenya, Diamond, Sweetness, Munchkin, Smores, Ashley, Chewbacca, Zoey, Paris, Phantom, Noel Natasha, Meeko, Tippsy, Nero, Chargheera, Beauty, Crystal and Phoebe

The Dogs
Brownie, Bindie and Coal

The Chickens
Margalow, Cheyenne and Mazzie

Those that have died while in animal controls care
Pumpkin, Sagwa, Garfield, Abbigayle and Izzabelle


Our hearts are broken, please do not allow them to kill these too.  Help us stop this stupidity.  We have the right to live in peace.

<img src="" alt="Attorney Fees" width="710" height="920">

<img title="Attorney Fee" src="" alt="Attorney Fees" width="711" height="972">

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by Samantha Lee
$1000 has been sent to Mr. Gillenwater.  Still behind $2581

by Samantha Lee
Still lacking a good chuck we need to pay the attorney :(   Storms are coming in so we can't have a yard sale.  Still seeking ways to raise the money

by Samantha Lee
Today I was able to have a local fundraiser and we raised $66.  So the total is now up to $343!  Still $3000 to go though but with the help of our supporters we are slowly getting there.  Without you it would not happen, we appreciate all the help your are giving.  Much love and hugs from my kids and our pets that want to come home.  Please keep sharing, $3000 is a lot of money, we will continue working hard at it on our end.  Again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, it means the world to us, we miss our furbabies so much.

by Samantha Lee
I want to say a special thank you to those of you that have donated so far.  It means the world to us and I know our pets feel the same way. 

Thank you so much,

by Samantha Lee
Donations have slowed down, while June 1 is fastly approaching.  Our animals need their bill paid.  Please pray the fund come through for them to stay represented in court.
Thank you,

by Samantha Lee
We received our latest bill from the attorney.  Current amount due now is $3581

by Samantha Lee
Thank you to those that have already donated to the animals attorney fee, thank you so much.  Please share with your family and friends if you would.  We have an Indiegogo campaign if you'd like to share that also.  Thank you so much for helping us save our babies.

by Samantha Lee
The animals attorney told us to go visit the animals so we did on 3/26/13.  Izzie is Parker's cat 3/27/13 was her 3rd birthday.  He was excited to be able to hold Izzie, but as we went from room to room Izzie was not there.  We found out Izzie had a seizure and fell over dead in June 2012, NO ONE told us about this.  Also Parker found out his rooster Zim died in November 2013, but the hens are still alive so far.

So this is cat #2, that was healthly that had a seizure while in animal controls care.

Please donate so we can make sure our attorney get these animals back to us before any more animals lose their lives.

Thank you

by Samantha Lee
You can also check out our auctions on Ebay.  User name is: friskyfelinesfoundationfelinerescue





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