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Our friend Kelli Stapleton is currently being held in jail without bond, awaiting further action regarding a tragic incident with her autistic daughter. We believe in Kelli. We believe in her right to a fair and just trial with proper legal counsel and experts in these extreme circumstances. 

Our friend Kelli is a daughter, sister, cousin, mom, college graduate, scientist, author, famous blogger, snarky activist and devoted friend to many. She is loved and supported in the autism community and has reached out to thousands by sharing her story in raising a daughter with behaviors that frequently threatened her life and the safety of her family (read more here

Kelli needs our help. Can you help? 

Click on the donate button to make a donation that goes directly to Kelli's legal defense fund.

If you would like to donate via check, please make it out to Kelli Stapleton and mail it to: PO Box 58, Frankfort, MI 49635

All donations go directly to Kelli's account to be used for legal purposes. 

Thank you for your suppport. Please stay tuned to for updates.



by Friends of Kelli Stapleton
There have been a lot of questions surrounding the legitimacy of this page as well as who and how the funds will be used. Legitimate questions I would want to know! Friends of Kelli Stapleton was started by her friends Vickie and Marlowe with the permission of Kelli. 

We do believe Kelli deserves a fair chance to share her story- which most of know has been difficult and faced with adversity from so many different angles. We hope that by bringing attention to this difficult issue, we will help families who are in similar situations. No family should have to go through what Kelli went through. No family should be turned away when seeking help. So far we've had almost 100 emails from people wanting to write letters and donate money (Please be patient, we are getting to all of them!) We've had people from as far away as the UK and Canada as well as support from all over the country! People have shared their stories with us and I am overwhelmed with their kindness and compassion as well as saddened that some of them are facing the same crisis as Kelli. If you are one of those people, THANK YOU! We couldn't do it without your support!

Autism plays a role in this situation but this issue goes beyond autism, it includes any parent who is being abused by their child. Feeling hopeless and responsible for a child who is harming you is overwhelming. Kelli needs help to ensure she is able to give that message. Legal fees and attorney's are expensive and we realize the cost will most likely quadruple but we wanted to set a goal that is realistic and attainable in a short time. 

Our fundraising efforts are beginning to slow a little, have you told your friends about Kelli? I'm sure if you did, they would think she's a great as we do! 

Thank you for your help and please continue to stay tuned to this page and for updates

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