Evelyn's immigration journey

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Hi my name is Traci and I have known Evelyn for 18  years.  She was my student at the Special Education school where I taught.  Evelyn was a fun loving, energetic teen.  She participated in drama, sports and other school activities. As a young adult she loves music, dancing, and doing things with her family and friends.  She loves John Travolta (in Grease) and pop singer Justin Bieber.  

Since graduating high school she has gained many worthwhile job skills through her day program for disabled adults.  She has always wanted to have a real job where she could use these skills and earn money.   

The only thing standing in her way is her lack of a green card which would enable her to be here legally and to get a job.

Evelyn was brought here illegally from Guatemala when she was only 4 years old.  It would have been easier to get Evelyn legal status in the U.S. as a young child but it was never done. 

In early 2001 I helped Evelyn apply for her green card  through an amnesty program which allowed her to apply without going back to Guatemala.  After September 11 of that year (911), her paperwork became embroiled in the restructuring of the Immigration Department.

And now, eleven years later, she has finally received her approval letter!   The big glitch now is that it will cost her $2,565.00  to become a resident.  There use to be a section in the application which would grant handicapped individuals a fee waiver.  In the updated application there is no mention of help for the disabled.  

We have submitted her request for a fee waiver 3 times, each time adding more documentation about her disability and 3 times it was rejected.

This is where we need your help.  A donation from you would help Evelyn achieve her dreams:  To have a home in this country legally, to be able to have a job and to eventually become a citizen.  Any amount you could donate will help Evelyn come closer to attaining her goals.

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