Eco New Orleans Potato Shop

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Beneficiary: Jehan Strouse Organizer: Zachary Campbell

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Offering a healthy grab-n-go alternative in the "Big Greasy". New Orleans is very well known for traditional disease causing fried foods on every corner, but with the rapidly growing levels of conscious consumers, we are striving to provide education and good organic food to the community. Our past collaboration was the New Orleans Veggie Fest, which is only two days out of the year, and we are now ready to reach out to people on a daily basis. Running the show is a nutritionist graduate from Bastyr University, long time animal rights advocate, prior owner of two health food stores, and a dedicated spokesperson for the vegan community here. Our main goal is to break the trend of fast food chains by offering organic health food fast and be as sustainable as possible while doing so, as our potatoes are baked very rapidly and served in bio-degradable bamboo cones. The concept was born and franchised in MA and you can view more on the website at We are only asking for a portion of start-up cost as we are and have been selling off our assets and material goods to pay for this project. Our shop will have after hours educational film presentations on health/food documentaries as we are very active in bringing people together to grow and have the tools necessary to make better life-path decisions. A donation of any amount is greatly appreciated by us and our community to make these dreams come true. Thank you.
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