Delaney Kuepper Surfs For Button's Family

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Organizer: Kidz Who Care Beneficiary: Buttons Kaluhiokalani's Family

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Hello. My name is Delaney Kuepper. I am 9 years old and I love surfing. Yesterday, one of the icons of surf passed away (Buttons Kaluhiokalani). Although I never met Buttons, I want to help raise money for his family. To accomplish this, I am going to try and catch 54 waves (the years he lived) in a single surf session at my home break (Cardiff Reef, CA) on 11/16/13 - even if takes me all day to do it.

Please help me raise funds to support his family and honor his contribution to Surfing. You can Donate a flat dollar amount or Pledge a dollar amount per wave. With your help, I hope to raise $5,000. I hope this will be a blessing to his family so please do whatever you can to support them.

If you are surfing Cardiff that day, please say hello and we can catch a wave together. 

To learn more about Buttons go to this link:




by Kidz Who Care
A little update.....Delaney braved less than ideal conditions on the day of the paddle (15-20 mph winds, and choppy surf) but battled hard over 6 hours in the surf to make every wave count. In the end she caught 42 waves. Her little arms and legs were turning to Jelly so better safe than sorry (she promises to catch the remaining 12 on her next go out :) ).

Thank you all for kind words of supoprt and encouragement. There is still one week left if any one you know would like to make a contribution. Between all the funds collected we are near $700 and hope to get to $1,000 to send to Button's family.

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