Delaney Kuepper Surfs For Button's Family

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Beneficiary: Buttons Kaluhiokalani's Family Organizer: Kidz Who Care

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Hello. My name is Delaney Kuepper. I am 9 years old and I love surfing. Yesterday, one of the icons of surf passed away (Buttons Kaluhiokalani). Although I never met Buttons, I want to help raise money for his family. To accomplish this, I am going to try and catch 54 waves (the years he lived) in a single surf session at my home break (Cardiff Reef, CA) on 11/16/13 - even if takes me all day to do it.

Please help me raise funds to support his family and honor his contribution to Surfing. You can Donate a flat dollar amount or Pledge a dollar amount per wave. With your help, I hope to raise $5,000. I hope this will be a blessing to his family so please do whatever you can to support them.

If you are surfing Cardiff that day, please say hello and we can catch a wave together. 

To learn more about Buttons go to this link:


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