Dave and Smokey's Recovery Fund

$1,730raised of $5,000 goal

Beneficiary: David Summy Organizer: Kimberly Heuschmidt

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Dave has been through alot in his life, everything from losing his parents to a tragic accident that left him partially disabled at age 28. Unable to drive or work again, he fought his way through the government redtape to claim disability to be able to provide the basic needs for himself. 
Alone in his life, Dave found his best friend, a lab named smokey. Through the years, they became inseperable. 
Just when Dave thought his life was getting better, tragedy struck at 4:00am on February 9th, 2014. The restaurant below his apartment had caught fire and quickly spread through Dave's apartment. Not even time to put on his clothes, he quickly grabbed smokey and felt his way out of the apartment. Dave stood outside barefoot in the snow while he watched everything he fought so hard for in his life disappear. 
Dave is now struggling with limited funds to afford a new place and essentials. We ask that if anyone can afford to donate any amount, We would truly be grateful.
All donations made will help support Dave in finding a new home and providing him with the basics.
Please contact the Human Services Dept. at the Village of Mt. Prospect for any additional information. We are very grateful to all who have reached out to the Village to show their support.
Thank you!
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