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$95raised of $500 goal

Organizer: Chelle Baxter Beneficiary: Chelle Baxter

Raising funds to cover cost of supplies/materials used for making/crocheting items that will be donated to various causes(read further in Description section for more details)

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Chelle broke both of her arms at same time when she tripped and fell forward on brick (at Fort Worth stockyards) while celebrating her fifth wedding anniversary with her husband, her SuperDave in 2008. That was in the midst of her losing six family members within six months, including her parents who adopted and raised her since she was 13 days old as well as an uncle who died on her birthday, only six days after her fall. After her parents died, Chelle discovered her favorite band of all-time, Michael Franti & Spearhead. And inspired by the lead singer, Mr. Franti as well as Ellen DeGeneres (both humanatarians)and her truest inspiration, God; Chelle found a way to help not one cause, but many causes, and her way of doing so is thru crocheting, which she has been doing since 2008, when it first began as her form of physical therapy. And led into being also emotional healing. (Chelle also has been volunteer-teaching Grief Recovery classes since 2009). Chelle has found a way to help many causes & therefore, many people (children & adults) & animals (especially dogs) thru her way of crocheting. Her goal is to donate items to various causes. This helps cover cost of yarn & shipping expenses used for donated items. She hopes to make/donate beanie hats for CANCER patients thru Texas Oncology (, placemats for MEALS on WHEELS recipients (, teddy bears for patients at Cook's CHILDREN HOSPITAL (, blankets to children awaiting ADOPTION in FOSTER CARE in Texas (, DOG sweaters to help both Second Chance SPCA (; "LOVE" beanie hat for American Foundation for SUICIDE PREVENTION (, rainbow colored items for SEAN's LAST WISH (; Musical notes' beanie hats for VH1's Save the Music (get these Performing Arts-Music programs back in our schools) and baby/child/adult slippers for SOLES4SOULS (, throw pillows & blankets for SaveHaven residents, domestic violence shelter (, beanie hats & scarves for homeless shelters, & "BELIEVE" throw pillows for Grapevine Valley Hope Drug Rehab Center rooms ( & monkey dolls to help Center for Great Apes ( ***If you'd like to mail stamps, yarn, or Hobby Lobby (or) Walmart gift card (to purchase yarn with): Please mail items to Crochet4Cause, PO Box 48508, Fort Worth TX 76148 & THANKS again for your support!***
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by Chelle Baxter

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