Consuelo Elisa Santiago Shraga Memorial Fund

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Beneficiary: Jason Andrew Shraga Organizer: Her friends and family

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On September 30, 2014, Jason Andrew Shraga passed away, joining his brother, Matthew Ian Shraga, and his mommy, Consuelo Elisa Shraga. May they rest in peace and take care of each other together. Thank you for all your love and support during this past year.  

In lieu of a donation to this memorial fund, a donation can be made in honor of Jason Shraga and sent to Chai Lifeline ( Thank you.

Cherish your darlings,
Bill Shraga

January 11, 2014
We are saddened by the passing of our dear friend, Consuelo Elisa Santiago Shraga.  Consuelo had a short, valiant battle with cancer diagnosed during her pregnancy, and she passed away on Friday, January 10, 2014, twenty-five hours after delivering beautiful twin boys - Matthew Ian and Jason Andrew.   Consuelo did an amazing job bringing her sons into this world just prior to her death.  Tragically, Matthew Ian was born too sick and passed away just 8 days after his mother. 

As the Circle of Life goes on, Jason will have a long battle in the NICU, but he is doing well for his age, born at just 2.2 pounds.  But, if he is half the fighter that Consuelo was, Jason will persevere. 

Although Consuelo did not get a chance to see her sons, she was so very excited about being pregnant and about giving birth.  She battled her cancer long enough to provide safe passage into this world for her sons.  Her family is so proud at how long she was able to carry and protect Matthew and Jason.  We know that Consuelo will always being looking down on Jason and her loving husband Bill Shraga, and she and Matthew be their guiding angels. 

We, her friends and family, want to provide a cherished life for Jason.  Although his life may have started with a tragedy, we hope to help he and Bill will find happiness and peace throughout the rest of their lives.  This fund is intended to ensure that Jason can journey through life as Consuelo dreamed for them. 

Consuelo (April 15, 1972- January 10, 2014) grew up in New City, New York and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1994. She went on to graduate from law school at Penn in 1997 before moving out to Los Angeles, California. She is survived by her husband, Bill; her son, Jason; her parents, Jose and Janet; her sister and brother-in-law, Ilana and Itay Reiss; and her nieces, Emerie and Goldie.

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