Christmas Cards/Care Packages for Soldiers Overseas

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This is my 6th year doing the "Cards for Soldiers". I get with my children's elementary school and we get the children to create cards, recycle cards or get cards to give to soldiers. I then fund raise to pay for shipping and goodies to create care packages for them with their cards for Christmas.

Some soldiers get nothing while deployed and during the holidays that can be a very trying moment when your name is not called at mail call. I make sure everyone in the unit gets a card. I have military contacts due to husband working for the Dept. of Defense and I get addresses to local units deployed. Therefore some of the cards are going to some of the children's relatives, moms or even dads. It is a special moment for these kids.

Shipping is $12.45 for a flat rate medium box and last year I sent 7 boxes out. I will probably be sending out the same amount and would like to send bags of candy, sunflower seeds, trail mixes, granola bars, slim jims, and other items for them to have. That can range to $10-$15 per box or more.

I usually put a letter from my family explaining who I am and provide my address and email and ask some of the soldiers to send me a reply to getting the package. I then print it out and take it to the school where it is shared with the students.

This is not only a moral booster for the soldiers but also a learning experience for the students to take notice of others that they normally would not think of. Please help me continue my efforts and be able to send the care packages to the units.
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