Caring for Nickolas

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Beneficiary: Nickolas Poirier Organizer: in memory of Kiki

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Nickolas has a mom and her name is Kiki. Kiki was a young soul who lost her life on the 405 freeway on 6/7/14 , due to a ladder that was in  the middle of the road, and caused a 4 car pileup, along with the motorcycle her and her husband were on. They were celebrating their 1yr anniversary being married and decided to take a ride.. Nickolas is 8yrs old and has lost his mom and his dad is in the hospital with a broken body and broken heart. 

As our Love and Sympathy go out to the family of Kiki & Erick, many of us were wondering what we could do to help in the days - weeks - months ahead...Any donations made will go directly to the family for Nickolas, to prepare for a college education in the future.

The Family of Kiki & Erick appreciate all the prayers and love coming their way..........

Thank you  for any donations made.....

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