Building a Trust for Anastasia & Cassius Block

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Organizer: Fiona Kahn and Emma Murphy Beneficiary: Anastasia and Cassius Block

Thank you for visiting this fundraiser to honor Clarissa Block and benefit her two beautiful children, Anastasia and Cassius


Per Clarissa's wishes, her sister, Sophie, and brother-in-law, Dan, will be taking the children to live with their family in Albuquerque, a home away from home, where Anastasia and Cassius will be close-by to their amazing grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins and dear friends. They will be surrounded by love.


Many people have asked if there is a way to contribute to the Block family to help cover shorter-term expenses such as remaining medical bills, relocation, childcare, etc. Additionally, many have asked for a way make a donation towards the children’s college educations. To that end, we have set up this fundraising platform.  You may share this website if you know someone who has asked how they can contribute.  (Please include your email so we can thank you.)


The outpouring of love, kindness and support for Clarissa -- while she was sick and now that she has passed -- has touched us deeply.  We are so very grateful for the support.


Thank you,

The Block Family

NOTE: all donations are tax deductible.



by Fiona Kahn and Emma Murphy
Stazzy, Cassius, and Sophie have come back to Brooklyn to celebrate  Stazzy's Lower School graduation from PS 321. Graduation was a momentous occasion and I wish with all my heart that Clarissa had been there to see it. She would have been so proud.

The kids are surrounded with friends and have lots of plans for the weekend. It's so nice to see them. I posted a few pictures--take a look.

xxFiona Kahn
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