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Be a Part of Kevin Dodier's Recovery/Helmet Safety Awareness

$1,575raised of $10,000 goal

Organizer: Kristin Dodier Beneficiary: Kevin Dodier Fund

Help us send Kevin to High Hopes Head Injury Day Treatment center and spread his message about skateboarding helmet safety.

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Kevin Dodier was in a skateboarding accident on Saturday, Oct. 2nd, 2010 at the young age of 20.  He was at UCI Medical Center in Orange for a month in a coma, then he went to the Newport Specialty Hospital for almost 6 months.  He is now at home, and getting therapy. He can understand everything, but has a long recovery and needs intensive physical rehab as he is currently confined to a wheelchair and has limited physical abilities.

Also, the Dodier family just lost a dear member, Mike Dodier, who has been the best father to Kevin, Kory, & Kody, and a wonderful husband to Kristen.  Mike was the primary income provider for the family. 
Mike Dodier passed away at only 51 years old after a series of major complications resulting from surgery to remove cancerous tumors in his abdomen.  The family would like to see Kevin reach his full potential, and we believe that the High Hopes Head Injury Day Treatment center.  The cost of this facility is too much for Kevin's family, however, although his need is great.  We are looking for financial support to send Kevin to rehab.  We believe he still has much more potential and would ask for everyone to help in any way possible.  Thank you!

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