Barker West Fund

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Beneficiary: Franklin Barker West Fund Organizer: Pi Kappa Alpha - Lamba Kappa

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On Friday September 7th a group of our fraternity members were headed to University of Virginia for a trip to see friends and watch the football game. An hour into the trip one of the cars ran off the road flipping the car 7 times and causing a horrible wreck. There were 5 kids in the car, the driver and the passanger were concious. Scott the passenger pulled one of our brothers Nana out of the car and found Nick another brother sitting in the back seat ejected from the car. Nick and Nana were airlifited to the closest intensive care unit and were treated. Our last friend Barker West was fatally killed in the accident. Barker was the nicest and funniest kid all of us had ever met. He put a smile on everyone's face and lit up every room. We are trying to raise money to pay for coach busses to get to Virginia for the funeral on Friday and help out Barkers parents in any way possible. Every donation means the world to our fraternity and everyone who loved Barker.
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