Americans Prisoned in Mexico

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SUMMARY:  Two Americans have been prisoned in Mexico, family is adamant of innocence.  Living conditions are terrible.  This site is to aid their families with ongoing expenses such as food, medicine and legal support. 

Family and attorneys advise the men are guilty of nothing more than having $950,000 cash, and being at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Knight and Davis were selling an 85 ft yacht that Knight owned in Mexico.  Knight and Stevens had declared the money, cleared Customs and were walking to the plane when things fell apart. 

The men have been in a cell in Mexico since October 2011.  They are prisoned in a roach infested cell 23 hours a day.The cell is for 2 persons but 5 to 7 men share it requiring sleeping on the floor.  The prison is a maximum security prison but alleged crime is non-violent.   Funds for money must be sent by family as inmates are not given meals daily.  The men bathe in a 5 gallon bucket that they also use to wash their clothes.  The prosecution has no evidence against them, the judge rules and gave them a 5 year sentence.   All witnesses, including Mexican officials, testified no laws were broken and documentation was in order.  Court case is in appeals process. 

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