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I had a beautiful baby girl born on September 13th, 2012 named Addilyn. Her mother and I had originally planned to get married with the hopes of raising a family and living "happily ever after", but things do not always work out the way we expect. We enjoyed multiple baby showers together, my mother and I helped fix up her house for our family to live in, and I took several weeks off of work to help her after the birth of our child. I did not find out until after Addi was born however that her mother was not going to use the Jordan name, nor did she understand why it was important for me.  Baby Addi's Momma did not put her father on Addilyn's birth certificate, nor was she willing to use our name Jordan for Addilyn Grace. Little did daddy know Momma had other plans for her and Baby Jordan. About 30 days after Addilyn was born, her mother decided to leave the state of Arizona without any warning and has since stopped all communication. I could use your help. My professional background is working with adolescents at a non-profit organization. I am truly grateful for my family, my friends, my health, the roof over my head and the vehicle I drive to work every day. I am blessed! I am blessed mostly though to have a beautiful baby girl, Addilyn. Help me be reunited with my baby in 2013!
Seeking help for process serving, court costs, and a legal retainer:
Michael Jordan PO BOX 10252 Phoenix, AZ 85064

Thank you and God Bless!

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