A Service Dog for Emanuel "Manny" Rios

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Hello everyone!
Thank you for cliking on my page. This is my younger brother, Emanuel. He is 18 yrs old.

On January 29, 2009, at the age of 14, Emanuel suffered a severe traumatic brain injury after falling off of his bicycle. The injury was so brutal, that his brain shifted off it's stem and herniated. He was only given a 50% chance of survival. His future and quality of ife if he survived this ordeal was in question.  The doctors did not know how much of our Emanuel would return to us if/when he awoke from his coma.

When he awoke from his coma, we were forced to face the reality and extent of his injury. The doctors told us that Emanuel would never be able to walk, talk, or eat ever again. We were crushed. Emanuel took it as a challenge. He communicates via a Dynavox communication device.

In the short four years since his accident, Emanuel has had eye surgery, been implanted with an Intrathecal Baclofen Pump, had a spinal fusion to correct scoliosis (he has rods from the T2-pelvis), and a feeding tube, just to name a few. His determination is that of a Lion!

Up until the last couple of months, he was being fed via feeding tube; now he is starting to eat by mouth. He communicates the majority of the time through his Dynavox, but is now starting to actually speak! Even as paralysis takes over the left side of his body, he starts to take steps in a meywalker!

Emanuel is now seeking independence =) We want to help him be independent. We believe he will be able to achieve this through the help of a service dog. Aside from being a great companion to Emanuel, we believe strongly that a service dog will improve Emanuel's overrall confidence in himself and quality of life.

Please help us, help him. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!
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