100 Mile Challenge for Boston Marathoners

$2,250raised of $2,000 goal

Beneficiary: Boston Marathon Victims Organizer: Blair Ingraham, Glenn Hartman-Mattson, Sydney Morgan, Amber Bruckner

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As some of you know, Glenn Hartman-Mattson, Amber Bruckner, Sydney Morgan, and Blair Ingraham have decided to embark on a “100 Mile Challenge” for the thirty days in April. The goal of the challenge is to run 100 total miles individually in thirty days in order to complete 400 miles as a team.  It has tested our physical and mental toughness and has allowed us to develop incredible respect for the running world.

In light of the tragic events at the Boston Marathon, our running team has decided to dedicate the 100 Mile Challenge to those who lost their lives, the critically injured, the brave rescue crews who ran to the injured’s assistance, family and friends affected by this tragedy, and the hard-working marathon runners who never got to finish the race. 

April 15th, the day of the Marathon, marked the halfway point of our 30-day, 100-mile challenge, but did not necessarily mark the halfway point of our completed miles.  Together, we have over 125 miles to run in the final week of our challenge as a team.  With your help, our goal is to collect pledges until we complete the challenge.  Everything we collect will be given directly to the victims of the Boston Marathon tragedy.

Sponsor our team’s 400 combined miles to help us complete our challenge in honor of the Boston Marathon Victims.  If we can get 100 people to pledge a DIME per mile, together we can raise over $2,000!

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