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**SPOILER ALERT- to see Emily's updated TO-SEE list scroll down!!!**

New York City girl. Yoga enthusiast. Philantropist. 26. Virginia Tech Hokie. Outgoing. Spin nut. Fashionista. Cancer survivor. Jewelry queen. Slight accent. Southern charm. Northern pace. Positive. Foodie. Young Adult Cancer Advocate. sweet emily.

Emily Morrison, a 2009 Virginia Tech graduate, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in April 2011. Since then, Emily has undergone Chemo, radiation and countless surgeries.

The good news?
Emily's brain tumor is not growing at the moment.

The bad news?
As of recently, Emily's optic nerve tumor has been interfering with her vision- leaving her completely blind in her right eye. Within the last few weeks, Emily's vision in her left eye is diminishing- if this continues, she will most likely be completely blind very soon. The doctors have said that they do not think her vision will return.

Emily is undergoing chemo now, in hopes to stop growth of the optic tumor.

What WE can do:

Ever since Emily has been diagnosed, she has only asked that people donate to Brain Tumor research- stating that "Research is my key. Research can save my life. I fundraise for the National Brain Tumor Society because remission is not the end or the beginning - it is the middle. Until there is a cure, I will fight every day."

She has never once asked for financial contributions personally despite continuing to live on her own and work in Manhattan for over a year and having countless hospital stays and surgeries.

Emily has created a "To See" list. She says this is not a bucket list but rather a spontaneous list of things she needs to see before she loses her vision. Some of the things are her list are big, some of them are small. Let's help Emily out financially so she can accomplish all of the things that are on her list- afterall, she would never ask herself.


Greece (and Italy and Turkey) 

Australia / The Great Barrier Reef

Ride an elephant 


Swim in a waterfall

Swim with sharks - swam in a tank next

to sharks in a tnk*

Celine Dion in concert

Learn how to drive stick - pending/claimed

Hold a Koala

White Water rafting (zikind of- a mqn mde

river rqpids)

Floral Nails

Penguins... to be expanded on

Swim with manatees in Florida

See a whale up close

Go snow tubing

Ride the slide at Atlantis

Hang gliding

See the northern lights

Statue of Liberty - up close

New Orleans

Bungee Jump

TOTS Flag Picture

Another Virginia Tech football game

Sunrise from my roof in NYC

Tell my story in a Columbia/NYP Commercial "Amazing Things are Happening Here"

Ride in a hot air balloon - purchased, to be scheduled

Publish something I wrote

Be interviewed by Oprah

See a Cirque De Soleil Show

Have Under Water photos taken

Ride in a helicopter

Dog sledding in Alaska

Learn to surf in Hawaii

Go to Colorado 

Cirque du Soleil

Baltimore Inner harbor, smash crabs

Wicked On Broadway (or another show) - Mamma Mia

Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water

Sleep in Cinderella's Castle in Disney 

Attend a show at Fashion Week

(Re)connect with Hoda Kotb

The monarach butterfly migration

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