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"Friends of JT" UNF Graduation Celebration

$886raised of $50,000 goal

Organizer: Judi Zitiello Beneficiary: J.T. Townsend Irrevocable Trust

This is your opportunity to show JT how proud you are of his accomplishment! Please give from your heart.

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JT, who inspires us each day with his strength, courage and faith has done it! He is graduating from UNF with a degree in Sports Management. This man has overcome immense obstacles. And, he has done it with style and class and always that mesmerizing smile.
In 2004 JT suffered a near fatal spinal cord injury in a hit on the football field at BK playing for EHS. His dreams of a college football and basketball career at FSU were stolen away from him in just a few seconds. But, he didn't let that get him down. He knew God had a different plan for him and he was obedient. He pushed forward and now, after 8 years of work much more difficult then any of us can imagine, he has found himself in this place.....on the platform, receiving his diploma, and as President of one of the First Coasts leading Non-Profits, The JT Townsend Foundation, Inc helping children and adults with disabilities. He is asked to speak inspirationally before groups and always agrees. JT truly set out to fulfill a dream. He took a life changing "situation" and turned it into an opportunity. And he gives all the glory to God!
Won't you please join us in showing your love and joy for this young man who has changed his dream into reality? Please make a financial contribution right now. These funds are not tax deductible and will go to the JT Townsend Trust to cover his daily expenses.
We thank you for your support and your generosity for this deserving young man.
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